Interested in becoming a member?  Anyone and everyone is welcome to become a member of AAZK.  Our chapter is comprised of dedicated individuals from a wide variety of professional backgrounds who all share one important thing:  a passion for animals, nature, and conservation! 

Click on the below link to join. 

American Association of Zoo Keepers

Please indicate that you would like to become a member of the Brookfield AAZK Chapter located in Brookfield, IL.  Once you have joined, please email us at [email protected] to let us know so that we can add you to our email list for meetings and events.

Below are a few reasons why our members joined.

“I reinstated the Brookfield Chapter about 17 years ago with two other BZ keepers: Christy and Holly.  The Chapter was originally started in the 1970’s  but had been disbanded in the 90’s (I think).  I thought that having the Chapter was a cool way of doing even more for all the animals that I loved, especially supporting in situ conservation.  I also love being able to spend more time interacting with and learning from the other keepers at Brookfield Zoo (and sometimes other zoos), since I don’t know a lot about what other animal departments do or how they take care of other types of animals.  Doing local stewardship is another way to give back to the wild community and is more fun as a group! ” 

Dawn Sohr – Zoo Keeper

“I’ve been an AAZK member since the mid 1980’s but did not really get involved with AAZK until I started the Trees for You and Me Program in 2009. I became nationally & locally active in AAZK. AAZK is a good means for keepers to help with conservation efforts for the species they take care. AAZK is great for networking with keepers at other institutions that work with your same critters & inspire you with new ideas, especially by attending the National AAZK conference. Our chapter’s travel fund has also helped me attend conferences other than AAZK. I’ve been the Vice President of our AAZK Chapter for a few years and know how much fun and what a difference keepers can make.”

Christy Mazrimas-Ott – Zoo Keeper

“I originally joined AAZK because another docent pointed out their great magazine that has a lot of interesting articles are animal care. I found the organization to be a great place for keepers to network and gain professional knowledge. I consider my membership to be a support for all the great folks who work at Brookfield Zoo.”

Mary Nodulman – Brookfield Zoo Volunteer Docent

How about you? What will your reason be?

We look forward to having you join us!